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Home Cleaning

Simba Carpet Cleaning Services provides services to all types of clients, both residential and commercial, and for all types of carpets and flooring; Call us today at 703-839-3376

Rug Cleaning

Simba Carpet Cleaning Services remove stains and pet odors from all types of rugs, regardless of size, shape or material, call us for more information. Call us today at 703-839-3376

Vehicle interior Cleaning

Keeping your vehicle’s interior clean is just as important as keeping your vehicle’s exterior clean. You inhabit the inside of your vehicle wherever you drive and it is good for both your health and well-being to keep your vehicle’s interior clean. Simba Carpet Cleaning Services use techniques and specific cleaning products tailored to vehicle upholstery. Call us today at 703-839-3376


Simba Carpet Cleaning Services clean all types of upholstery fabric by carefully inspecting the fabric to make sure the right type of cleaning solution is applied.

Is Your Carpet Baby Safe

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that children are often more likely to be at risk from environmental hazards than adults because of unique activity patterns and behavior, children crawl and play close to the ground making them more likely to come into contact with dirt and dust which can include toxic elements. Children often put their hands, toys and other items into their mouths. The EPA goes on to say that children are dependent upon adults to ensure that their environment is safe. Let us help you to provide a safe environment for your children.

Keeping your home sparkling clean is of the utmost importance, especially if you have babies, Simba Carpet Cleaning Services is here to ensure your carpet and upholstery is free of allergens and irritants. Take action to improve air quality. Your indoor air quality can be enhanced by keeping your carpets and rugs clean. Call Simba Carpet Cleaning Services for your regular carpet cleaning today; 703-839-3376

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