Janitorial Services

Simba Carpet Cleaning Services as the name may suggest is not only a window cleaning service but specialize in all types of Janitorial services. Simba Carpet Cleaning services is a fully licensed and insured commercial and residential cleaning company ensuring our customers nothing but quality cleaning services for over 5 years now. Over the years of our service we have had the opportunity to work on various cleaning projects for our customers from all around the Fredericksburg, VI area. So if you are looking for a professional cleaning company providing the complete cleaning or disinfecting services for your home or office then, you are definitely at the right place.

Talking about the two types of Janitorial services we specialize in:

Residential Janitorial Services

When it is about taking care of the cleanliness of your home, we understand how much it matters as home is where you go back to get some privacy and peace after a hard day of work. Our cleaning team has been thoroughly trained to not leave any cracks or corners untouched backed up by our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, you can expect a detailed cleaning done when you come back home. We can also always work around your schedule so if you would like to stay home and check our work then you always have the freedom to do so. We also make it a point to always work with eco-friendly and healthy cleaning chemicals so that your children and pets can play around freely after we are done with no risks of side effects. Overall, we will treat your personal property with the utmost care and make sure you come back to a clean and healthy home environment.

Commercial Janitorial Services

Keeping your working quarters can be a real drag when you are already dealing with your day to day busy and hectic work schedule. However if your working environment is not clean then as we all know it can have a direct effect on you and your employees’ productiveness. It is also very important that you work in a clean environment because it can also impact your health due to the accumulated dirt and harmful bacterias you can find in a neglected area. So hiring a professional janitorial service like Simba Carpet Cleaning services can be the best way to rejuvenate your working area. Our cleaning experts will not only clean your office but we can also help you with sanitizing and disinfecting the area with highly effective disinfectants to make sure that you and your employees don’t have to worry about contracting any kind of disease.

So, if you want a complete cleaning service or inspection done in your residential or commercial building then Simba Carpet Cleaning is the best in the area. We have comparatively the best rates for Janitorial services in the Fredericksburg, VI area. So feel free to CONTACT US and BOOK AN APPOINTMENT for any type of cleaning services you require.

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